Why Confronting Deep Fears Is The Key To Creativity

Post originally published on the Iguana Inc blog.


For years, Tina Roth Eisenberg has been one of my favorite bloggers to follow because she always posts the most interesting and intriguing design-realted bits… It could be an article, a video, a cool teapot, a quote, anything.

This particular article really showcases her willingness to try new things and live without regrets. Fear is such a large roadblock for many of us and this perspective offers a solid detour.

Self-knowledge is at the heart of Roth Eisenberg’s creative process. “Creativity, to me, means not shying away,” she comments. “I have this personal rule, if I’m afraid of something, I really need to do it, because that means that I will learn a lot from it. That’s what I live for. I live for that feeling that I’ve dared, I’ve tried something new, and I’ve learned something new.”
“These days, people crave, more than ever, something that feels really authentic and is being done for the right reasons. I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize why they respond to something. It’s just this sort of a gut feeling, like ‘This feels right. I want to be part of that.’”