Working From Home Tips

Post originally published on the Iguana Inc blog.


In no particular order, here are five things that help me make the most of (and stay sane!) working from home:

Make a schedule. If you have a lot to do and no time to waste, make a schedule the night before that includes when you will be doing each task and how long it will take (for example: 9am gym, 10am email, 11am skype call, 12-3 video edits).

Move around. I'm pretty bad about remembering to do this while at home, but that is where the gym comes in handy.

Don't turn on the TV. Even for just 1 show. Once it's on, it is impossible for me to pull myself away.

Limit social media. Pinterest and Facebook can be nice brain breaks, but I don't keep them open in a tab anymore because it was way too distracting.

Be productive with a plan. If you have a slow day for work, it's important to know what else you will do with your day (errands in the afternoon, etc). All too often I catch myself sitting on the couch zoning out on a slower work day when I have a lot of life-things that need my attention.